Beginner Yoga

Our beginner yoga classes are perfect for those who are either brand new to yoga or want a bit of a refresher before diving into the more dynamic classes. Although aimed at everyone, these classes are designed to build strength and give you an understanding of yoga so that you can move onto some of the other classes. The class style is usually Hatha flow… Hatha comes from two words – Ha stands for sun and Tha is the moon. This yoga class brings you a balance of both energies in a beautiful flowing yoga sequence with sun salutations. Suitable for all levels.


Yin Yoga

Slowing down… yin yoga is a grounding practice where we hold poses for several minutes, fully supported to aid release into connective tissue. Perfect for everyone! This practice allows our body and mind to become still. A really delicious treat to the nervous system. Particularly beneficial for those with sleep or digestive issues, those suffering from stress or anxiety or tight/tense muscles.


Vinyasa Flow

In our Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes, students coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. These dynamic and challenging classes are designed to create a balance of strength, flexibility and calmness of mind, body and spirit.

It’s best if you do a few beginner classes or even a beginner course before coming along to these.


Ashtanga Yoga Level 1

A strong yoga class based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series. This yoga sequence starts with sun salutations then moves onto standing, balancing, seated & inverted postures. Suitable for all levels but some level of fitness is beneficial.


Yoga for the over 50’s

You do not need to be over 50 to attend this class!  It is a wonderfully nourishing session with Margaretta designed to mobilise every part of your body while you bring awareness to your breath and come back to your centre. Suitable for every body and every ability.


Tai Chi for relaxation

Tai Chi combines deep breathing and relaxation with flowing movements. Open to everyone whether you have experience or you’re brand new to it. The benefits of Tai Chi include everything from lowering blood pressure and managing depression to building strength and improving balance. It’s even suggested that Tai Chi may help you live a longer, more vital life.


Kundalini Yoga

Classic Kundalini Yoga – A typical Kundalini class includes pranayama (breathwork), a kriya (a set of exercises), a deep gong relaxation, and a meditation. Kundalini yoga helps purify, stimulate and strengthen all the systems of the body, particularly the digestive, nervous, and glandular systems. It strengthens the nerves, removes toxins, alters one’s state of mind, purifies the blood, balances the energy centres (chakras) and charges the electromagnetic field. Kundalini empowers us to shine, prosper, and excel in everything we do.

Cardio Kundalini Yoga – Cardio Kundalini will be more focused on the physical aspect of the practice. Along with the benefits of Classic Kundalini, Cardio Kundalini will raise your energy higher, taking your health to a new level to keep you fit, youthful, and increase stamina.


Dru Yoga

Dru is a graceful and potent form of yoga, based on soft flowing movements, controlled directed breathing and visualisation. With its foundations firmly set in ancient yogic traditions, it works on body mind and spirit – improving strength and flexibility, creating core stability, building a heightened feeling of positivity and rejuvenating your whole being. Designed to be practiced by people of all abilities, all fitness levels and all age groups, it is a style of yoga that can be quickly dipped into or learnt in more depth over a lifetime.



Enter into complete stillness. Suitable and essential for everyone, a regular meditation practice will help to calm the mind, release stress, tension and anxiety and allow you to process and respond to thoughts and feelings mindfully. These sessions usually include Pranayama (breathing exercises).


Pregnancy Yoga

Ease away some of those pregnancy niggles, prepare your body & mind for childbirth and spend this special time connecting with your unborn child. This yoga class is suitable from 12 weeks gestation right up until you give birth (some of the things you learn in this class can be used during the birth if you like!)


Mammy & Baby Yoga

This focus of this yoga class is on both you and your baby. With specially designed yoga sequences for the postnatal mammy to help knit the muscles back together and relieve some of those aches in the back & shoulders.  Yoga stretches, singing, massage and movement for baby, it is a beautiful way to connect and bond with your baby. Suitable from 6 weeks after you’ve given birth.