We get asked time and time again to provide a class for mothers that they can bring their babies to. There is so much going on in East Durham for babies but not very much for mams, so we decided to create a sequence that is especially for postnatal mams but that babies can come to too.

The yoga sequence is based on the Ashtanga Primary Series, but adapted to help the postnatal body:

  • Abdominal muscles knit back together
  • Regain control of pelvic floor through use of bhandas
  • Strengthen the body
  • Stretch and iron out those kinks created from holding your baby
  • Get a well deserved relaxation

You are welcome to stay for a cup of herbal tea and a chat afterwards too.



Where, when & how much

  • Every Tuesday 1:30-2:30pm
  • Blooming Bamboo Seaham
  • £9 drop in / £24 for block of 4 consecutive classes

Postnatal Yoga FAQs


How soon after birth can I attend?

Regardless of how you birthed your baby it’s important to wait until you are at least 6 weeks postnatal and have had the all clear from the doctor to start light exercise again. 

I’ve never done yoga before, is this class suitable?

Yes, absolutely. It’s a set sequence that we work through and you will do as much as what feels right to you. Although you are likely to break a bit of a sweat and feel like you’ve worked hard, it’s perfectly suitable for beginners.

What if my baby cries during class?

Babies cry… if your baby cries, needs feeding or changing during class then you will meet your babies needs as you would normally. This is a class with babies, so we expect some crying. Giggling, gurgling, screeching, bubble blowing & cooing are all welcome too. 

What if my baby does a poo

Tend to your baby as you would normally. Babies poo and this happens often. You are welcome to change your baby in the studio but please take soiled nappies or cloths home and not leave them in the studio.

What if I don’t want to bring my baby

You are still most welcome to attend this class, but please understand that most mams will bring their babies so you are not guaranteed peace and quiet. If you have childcare then you are also welcome to attend any of our other classes.

Can I bring my toddler too?

No sorry.  Only babies that are not yet mobile are able to attend. 

If I book a block of 4 and don’t use all my passes within the month, can I extend?

No sorry.  The block of 4 is to encourage commitment for both you & the studio. If you aren’t able to attend for any reason, we’re not able to offer a refund or extension. If you think you might not be able to make all 4 sessions you are best to purchase a single class each time you come, or a 5 class pass which gives you more flexibility.