A Course for Beginners

This 4 week course has been specially designed to give beginners a real experience of different aspects of yoga.

Over the 4 weeks you will be taken on a journey to explore meditation, relaxation, asana (postures and movement) as well as a look into the philosophy of yoga and why it’s so incredible.

Each session is 75 minutes long and although they are all interlinked each week will have a different theme and a different focus, allowing you to explore and experience the benefits for yourself.

As part of the course, you will receive a 15 minute personal consultation where you can discuss with the teacher what you hope to achieve from the course, any pre-existing injuries or conditions you may have and the teacher may offer you specific guidance or personal modifications for you.

At the end of the course you have the opportunity to book a half-price 90-minute private yoga class. This gives you the opportunity to explore in further depth anything you have experienced in the course.

Brilliant course for beginners like me, but be careful or you might become hooked on yoga!

Who is it for?

This course is for you if…

  • You’ve been meaning to try yoga for a while but haven’t quite got round to it – this is the perfect opportunity and everyone will be starting at the same place
  • You’ve been unsure about what style of yoga – this course gives you a bit of everything
  • You’re not sure if you’re fit/thin/hippy/spiritual/flexible enough – none of this actually matters, yoga is for everybody and this is a safe space where you can explore what floats your yoga boat
  • You want a yoga experience that will leave you craving for more

What’s involved?

Here’s a brief outline of the course:


  • Why we Om – and how to om
  • Short meditation to connect with breath – how to sit in meditation
  • Ujayi breathing
  • An introduction into yoga asana (postures) – we will practice sun salutations and look at how to modify so you get the best yoga practice for your body. Flowing through some standing and seated postures.
  • Savasana – we will then finish the first week with a lovely long relaxation and gain an understanding of the importance of relaxing at the end of the yoga class.

WEEK TWO – yoga for digestive health

  • Mudra – a look at how hand gestures can affect us
  • Introductions to how hormones can effect digestion
  • An introduction into how yoga can help support and nourish our digestive system and some common causes for digestive problems
  • Pranayama – a look at how specific breathing exercises can help
  • A short yoga flow to aid digestion
  • Savasana – final relaxation with guided meditation on digestive health

WEEK THREE – Yin & Restorative Yoga 

  • Yin yoga is the antidote for our extremely busy, sometimes chaotic & stressful lives. This week we will focus on bringing a sense of calm and connection to our body, mind and spirit
  • Explore long held poses which are perfect for releasing negative emotions as well as gently opening tight hips & hamstrings
  • Savasana – this week’s session finishes in an indulgent sound bath created using singing bowls

WEEK FOUR – Dynamic Yoga

  • Experience a dynamic flowing yoga sequence, incorporating sun salutations and a range of poses designed to make you sweat
  • Sit for pranayama, meditation & chanting
  • Savasana to finish the course with Yoga Nidra

I really enjoyed the course. Zoe made us all feel very welcome and offered support and encouragement whatever our level of ability.

Limited places

In order to provide you with a good learning environment and a safe space to ask questions and grow, places are limited to just 10 people per course. Booking is absolutely essential.

Next Courses

Wednesday 23rd January

Wednesday 26th February


The yoga studio was lovely, very thoughtfully furnished and equipped with everything you could possibly need – I particularly liked the blankets and the lavender eye masks!