Join Zoe for an explorative healing journey through the chakras.

The body has seven major chakras that channel energy. Sometimes circumstances in our lives can cause the chakras to become blocked resulting in imbalance.

This 2.5 hour workshop will lead you through a beautiful journey where we will explore a variety of meditation techniques, yoga poses (asanas), crystal and sound to nurture, heal and unblock each chakra allowing the energy and Prana to run freely.

The session will end in a long guided meditation with sound.

When, where & how much?

  • Sunday 24th June
  • 2-4:30pm
  • Blooming Bamboo, Seaham
  • £20

Who is it for?

For beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. A great introduction to the Chakras whatever your experience.

Zoe will give an overview of how each Chakra relates to different aspects of our health, wellbeing and behaviour and why sometimes they need a bit of attention to ensure we are operating in complete harmony.

Make it a double…

This workshop will work beautifully with the Gong Relaxation. So if you fancy the ultimate Sunday of healing from the inside out, then why not stay for the Gongs. There is an hour between sessions, long enough for you to go for a walk or grab a drink.

We are offering a £5 discount to anyone who wants to book both. Please message Zoe if you would like to book a place on both the Chakra workshop and Gong Relaxation.