Longing to Belong: Finding Connection through Mantra

Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Devajeet Kaur

Do you long for something? To be part of a group? To be a size 8? To have the perfect relationship? To travel? To be spiritually awake? To excel in business!

But maybe,

Underneath it all, what you are experiencing is a gaping hole, inside of you. You try and fill it with food, exercise, consumerism, work, alcohol, my personal favourite… Chocolate 😈

It’s still there 😏

What you truly long for is to be embraced by the one, to have your soul merge with God in its totality, to fully hukam… into the divine ✨

When we can recognise this, we can drop the distractions, and fully commit to filling that empty space with the infinite love ❤️ In this workshop we’ll discuss how we experience such longing and how we can find that connection we yearn for through the Naad. When I can embody that the longing I feel, it is a gift, and is what burns the stove of my spiritual thirst, that deep hunger to attain what the Siri Guru Granth refers to as God Consciousness, full emergence with the one.

The other stuff, which my ego tells me I want, ceases to matter.

Join us, for Kundalini Yoga, meditation, relaxation, gong and kirtan, where together we will bring our longings into the space, the space to be healed, transcended and merge, through our voice and intention. With the beloved.

Where, when & how much

  • Sunday 22nd March
  • 2:30pm
  • Blooming Bamboo Seaham
  • £20

Booking essential as spaces are limited